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Enoshima Junko 14

Enoshima Junko Cosplay

Junko Enoshima, also known as the “Ultimate Fashionista”, is one of the key characters of the hit videogame/anime, Danganronpa.

Junko’s costume consists of a black cardigan and a white shirt underneath. The upper third of the shirt and cardigan is open, revealing her black bra. She also wears a red skirt, black boots with flat heels, and red shoelaces.

For the cosplay to be accurate, her cardigan should have white accents and a black and white necktie or a pure white one, depending if you’re cosplaying her Danganronpa 1 or Danganronpa 3 version, respectively. A red bow is also situated on her chest’s upper left side if you will be cosplaying the Danganronpa 1 version.

For her wig, it is a long, strawberry-blonde-colored wig that is tied in ponytails. The clips used to tie the ponytails vary depending on whether you’ll be cosplaying the Danganronpa 1 or 3 version. For the 1st game, she wears two bear clips, a white normal-looking clip, and a black bear resembling the black side of Monokuma. Her Danganronpa 3 hair ties consist of a rabbit clip on the right side and a white and red bow clip on the left.

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