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Undertale Cosplay Costumes

Undertale is one of the unique RPG games that you can play and have that satisfying feeling once you complete it. Undertale is known for its unique combat system, thematic storyline, magnificent soundtrack, and unique dialogue and characters that can change, depending on your choices and decisions in the game.

Undertale is about a child who fell into a vast secluded area below the Earth known as “the Underground” where the players can meet various monsters that the player can opt to fight or pacify. The story and ending of the game will change, depending on your decisions on whether to fight your way and defeat monsters or make friends with them.

Of all the characters in Undertale, the most commonly cosplayed character is Sans, the skeleton. Cosplaying Sans can be done by newbies and veteran cosplayers alike. His costume is composed of a blue jacket with a white fur hood, black shorts with stripes at the front, and blue slippers. Cosplayers can then put on makeup to imitate Sans’ face or they can wear a mask that resembles the character’s head.

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