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Danganronpa 332

Danganronpa  Cosplay Costumes

When it comes to mystery-solving games and anime, Danganronpa is not a newcomer to the Genre. Danganronpa and its successive titles is a mystery anime/visual-novel type of video game where high school students are trapped in a particular place and are told to kill each other.

The game and its anime adaptation feature 15 unique characters, each having distinct abilities and titles, adding up to the game’s mystery and uniqueness. Because of this, the game garnered a lot of fans not only in Japan but worldwide.

As the game’s fanbase increases, so do the number of Danganronpa Cosplayers. The characters that are often cosplayed are the game’s main protagonist, Makoto Naegi, also known as the “Ultimate Lucky Student”, Junko Enoshima known as “Ryōko Otonashi”, and the “Ultimate Detective,” Kyoko Kirigiri. Makoto Naegi’s costume consists of a green hooded jacket with a red midline, a black coat to cover the jacket, black pants, and red sneakers. Kyoko Kirigiri’s costume consists of a purple blazer and a white shirt with a brown necktie underneath, a black mini-skirt, and black boots.

Are you looking for any part of Danganropa’s Character Costume? Here we come!

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