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Tekken 4

Tekken Cosplay Costumes

Way back in the ’90s, video arcades were the biggest craze across the globe. Arcade games were so popular due to the burgeoning fighting game genre led by one of the most successful game titles of all time called “Street Fighter”.

Street Fighter was so successful that it inspired a ton of different games from the same genre. By the mid-’90s, gaming consoles that allow 3D polygons were utilized by companies that create fighting games, bringing the genre to a whole new level.

Namco, being one of such companies, developed a fighting game that became a bonafide hit worldwide. This game is called “Tekken”.

Tekken’s main storyline follows the characters involved in “The King of Iron Fist Tournament”, a world-wide fighting competition organized by the Mishima Zaibatsu. Whoever wins the tournament is granted a huge amount of money and, starting from the 4th Tekken game until the latest (Tekken 7), will take full control of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

There is a unique diversity of characters, each having their unique playstyle and costume. Most characters wear costumes that are of relevance to their fighting style, as well as their nationality or country of origin.

Take Jin Kazama for example, who is considered as one of the main protagonists story-wise. He wears red trousers with flame patterns similar to those who practice Japanese martial arts, while wearing red gauntlets.

Another example is Ling Xiaoyu. Being of Chinese descent and a master of Chinese martial arts, she wears a traditional Chinese qipao with orange kung-fu pants and slippers.

Cosplaying Tekken characters can be quite tricky due to the huge diversity of costumes. This, however, should not stop cosplayers from trying to cosplay their favorite Tekken characters.

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