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Among Us 6

Among Us Cosplay Costume

This title seems like a cute and childish game but don’t let its appearance fool you; there’s a reason why this game is 2020’s best mobile game of the year. The game’s premise is simple, eight players known as crewmates skedaddle around a spaceship while doing minigames or tasks to fill up a progress bar. Sounds easy enough. But here’s the twist, two crewmates are impostors who will try to sabotage the ship by murdering their crewmates secretly until the number of crewmates is the same or lower than the number of impostors. This game’s true beauty is that you are not pitted against AIs but, instead, real humans.

As with any trending videogame or anime show, some cosplayers would want to cosplay the crewmates. The crewmates of Among Us wears a color-coded among us spacesuit with a matching helmet.

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