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Attack On Titan 28

Attack on Titan Cosplay

The Savage Titan, Eren Yeager, had to watch his entire town get massacred by the Titans. Now, five years have passed, and his rage against the Titans that took his home still burns. Get ready to shout your rage at the titans with our Eren Yeager cosplay.

Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, Levi Ackerman’s deadly skill and deadpan attitude belies a neat freak who is surprisingly shorter than his reputation would imply. Don’t sell yourself short. Get our Levi Ackerman cosplay costume today.

The Cynical Snarker, Ymir Fritz‘s blunt attitude throws off nearly everybody who talks to her. Her only real friendship is with Krista, and it’s with her that we see a rare smile. Give people the cold shoulder with your Ymir Fritz cosplay today.

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